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Marion's Fire, The Musical

(a drama inspired by historical events)

The Story:

In the Celtic land of Brittany in 1326, Marguerite teaches her 16-year-old niece Marion how to make a pregnancy potion in preparation for the upcoming Beltane celebration, a spring fertility ritual of the Old Religion. In the middle of the celebration, Sheriff Malet raids the festivities, as ordered by the Grand Inquisitor Bernard Gui. Many arrests are made, including Marguerite and her husband Perceval. To save the village, Marguerite appoints Marion to be her successor and charges her to lead the town in a rebellion against the Inquisitors.


The enormity of the charge seems nearly impossible to Marion. The town is divided, neighbors squabble with each other, the town bullies torment her, her lover Gwenael's father is the Sheriff, the coven appears to be falling apart, and even her mother and Auntie are at odds with each other. To overthrow the Inquisitors, Marion must gain the support of the coven and the villagers if she is to succeed, yet she no longer can be sure whom to trust.


Marion learns of the Inquisitors' torturous methods in order to gain confessions and accusations of others. Marguerite and other innocent prisoners may soon fall victim to these barbaric techniques. Despite the rifts and dangers, and personal attacks against her,  does Marion dare attempt to build a clandestine movement to rebel? Where does she even begin to seek alliances? Marion is running out of time to decide.


To take up the mantle Marion knows the Villagers are ill-equipped with weapons and experience in battle. Yet, the trials loom against those fighting for their lives in which sure punishment is exile, seizure of property, and even condemnation by death.  As a young apprentice of the magical arts, Marion must find a way not only to rally the forces but to summon her powers if she is to go against a foe with such unimaginably skewed odds.


Even if they are to gain victory and drive the Inquisitors out, what is to be done with them? What would constitute justice and what could appease an angry crowd?  Is it even possible to demand mercy when the Inquisitors themselves have refused to deliver it? Who will even listen to a girl so young, let alone follow her? 

© 2022,  Kimberly Clouse

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